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Because of my success on the track, I am now able to attract support for my cause, which is to help young people, especially the most vulnerable young people- the ones with no parents or role models achieve success. I grew up poor and it’s not nice. I want to do as much as I can to give as many young people a chance to get out of that situation.
Initially we want to focus on fostered boys. These boys seem to be the most vulnerable because they have no positive role models and seem to be more susceptible to peer pressure. Boys on a whole don’t seem to be as focused or as mature as girls. So this is where I wanted to start. We have however branched out into helping fostered girls as well.
I would like to see the foundation grow and do better each year. We are currently helping 3 children’s home across Jamaica. In the future I want to see us impact many more lives across Jamaica and eventually the world.
It’s a play on my initials. We will have themes, such as, YB Afraid to dream, YB Afraid to give, YB Afraid to care etc. You will see these throughout the site. It’s catchy and I think people will like it as much as I do.